One thought on “PCOE 140 Final Project

  1. I’m glad to read that you are working on a “learn to learn online” module that will go across curricula. It seems like everyone talks about what a good idea something like this is, but aside from the for-profits, it doesn’t seem to have caught on everywhere yet.

    24/7 IS daunting to consider. I don’t know if there is such a thing, but maybe something like a cooperative – where a group of schools gets together and contracts for a single IT support site?

    Post-teaching debriefs are a great idea! You hear the term “360 evaluation” but often the hustle and bustle after the semester ends causes organizations lose sight of post-course evals.

    You mention making sure that your content, activities, and assessments are aligned – I know we beat that drum over and over in the PCOE, but it’s only because it’s so important – and it actually makes the job of the online course developer and instructor easier and clearer.

    Overall, really thoughtful job on this assignment – I appreciate your attention to detail and thoughtfulness in completing this assignment.

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