U.S. History 1 Online Course

U.S. History I

Course Overview

This course will serve as a foundation to further study in American history from the pre-Colombian era through Reconstruction. In the process we will discuss not only the major events of this period but also the ways in which historians have interpreted and argued about them over the years. Thematic elements like race, religion, gender, and class will feature heavily in our discussions throughout the course as we try to get a handle on the way people of the past understood themselves and how historians have come to understand them better. Though these lenses sometimes lead to uncomfortable conversations about structural inequities and rampant injustice in the past, we will also attempt to avoid the historical fallacy of presentism; that is, we will try to judge actors by their own historical context while acknowledging both the positives and negatives of historical American culture.


This course will take place completely online.

Course Status

I have worked on this course on and off for the last four years, though I have never actually taught it. I have some idea of the assignments and content that might be a part of this course, but not a fully fleshed-out course at this stage.

Course Selection

I chose to focus on this course for PCOE because it reflects a course that I would like to teach in the future. It was also the subject of my Master’s degree, which lends me a certain familiarity with the content and will hopefully allow me to apply PCOE concepts to real issues facing faculty members.


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