U.S. History 1 Online Course

U.S. History I Course Overview This course will serve as a foundation to further study in American history from the pre-Colombian era through Reconstruction. In the process we will discuss not only the major events of this period but also the ways in which historians have interpreted and argued about them over the years. Thematic […]

Readiness Reflections for Online Learning

Online learning presents a mix of benefits and challenges for learners. While providing flexibility in time and place, online learning requires additional discipline and intrinsic motivation from learners. By virtue of being computer-mediated, online courses also involve different technical proficiencies, changes in personal interactions, and a shift from oral to textual communication. Understanding the specific benefits and challenges of online […]

PCOE Goals

I have three distinct goals for the Professional Certificate in Online Education: Better understand the instructor experience in teaching online courses; Build skills as an online instructor, as distinct from a course designer/developer; Learn models for supporting instructors in teaching online courses. I have taken several online courses and have a good sense of the student […]

Contexts of Online Education

My work with online courses is taking place within a highly-selective private university in the Northeast, steeped in the Jesuit tradition, and is directly shaped by this context. The Jesuit context in particular is one of the things that makes my university distinct, and there has been very little research on how to build online courses within […]

PCOE 120 Final Project – learning objectives

I recently completed an initial set of course-level learning objectives for the History course I’m planning to teach. I have included them here as part of an exercise for the University of Wisconsin program I’m participating in.

Activity Planning Reflection

As part of my Professional Certification in Online Education, I have spent some time working directly on a course that I would like to teach. Included in this work is assignment design. Having never taught an entire class before, it has been good for me to think hard about this work, particularly the level of detail that […]

PCOE 140 Final Project

After completing a number of individual pieces of course design, this course asked us to draw together many of the things that we have learned and apply the ADDIE model to one unit of our course. The helpful worksheet from the folks at University of Wisconsin that functions as the final assignment for the course […]

PCOE 150 Final Assignment

This part of the course was all about assessment. The final assignment asked for a discussion of why one chose a particular assessment type, which for me included a rubric that I developed for the course.

PCOE 160 Final Assignment

The final assignment for the final course in the Professional Certificate in Online Education from the University of Wisconsin asked us to create a discussion board assignment. I have uploaded part one of this assignment, as well as parts two and three in one document.

PCOE Final ePortfolio project and self-assessment

After several months of hard work, I have completed the Professional Certificate in Online Education with the submission of my final ePortfolio project and the related self-assessment.